This is a temporary site to list my projects while I build my actual portfolio site

Projects who's names end with a * are incomplete and still being actively worked on.
I played minesweeper on my phone until the app started showing ads, so I made my own.
My recreation of the popular word game Wordle with infinite & hourly modes, word definitions & more.
Peace Discipline Website
The website for my mother's business, Peace Discipline.
Cubic Bezier Creator*
A tool to create cubic bezier curves for use in CSS animations.
Discord Bot
A tool for display info from the Wynncraft API, with additional fun and QoL commands.
Flexbox Sandbox
A tool to help you learn flexbox and experiment with different flex properties.
What the Weather
A simple vanilla JS app to find the weather in different countries or cities using openweathermap.
Morse Mangler
A tool I created in high school for converting to & from morse code for my friend and I.
Svelte Component Library
A growing collection of all my reusable Svelte components, SVGs & animations.
Color Game
A game to improve the players ability to determine the color a hex, rgb or hsl value represents, or vice versa.
Cobweb Diagram Visualizer
A tool to plot cobweb diagrams for discrete dynamical systems.
Truth Table Generator
A CLI tool to generate truth tables for logical propositions. I made this in first year to cheese an assignment.
A tool to create images that emerge through an exponentially splitting cell.
Edit List on Label*
GitHub action to add/remove issue titles to/from a list in a markdown file in your repo when a label is added/removed.
Movie Database*
A tool to help me build and maintain my database of movies & series I have seen and want to see.
Graph Builder*
A tool to build directed weighted graphs from input in a specific format as described by CSC2001F.
SVG Editor*
A tool for creating and editing SVGs that I intend to turn into a VS Code extension. & Obsidian plugin.
Offline Automarker*
An automatic marker to validate the output of java / python console scripts. Intended for UCT assignments.
Python Object Validator
A simple tool to validate python dictionaries and/or lists against a schema.
Did I DP?
A simple tool I threw together for my classmates to check their DP status (UCT CSC3003S 2022).
Svelte Template*
A tool to scaffold svelte and sveltekit apps.
VS Code Theme*
My personalized theme for vs code.
Obsidian URL into Selection*
My fork of an Obsidian plugin that enables pasting links into text, updating it to work with the WYSIWYG editor.
Mikha's Tools
A set of hotkeys & hotstrings for making everyday computer tasks faster. My first ever coding project.
Cheepaska Clone*
A browser clone of the discontinued mobile game Cheepaska by Yiotro.
Banner Creator*
A simple tool to quickly add text to a banner background for making banners within a discord channel.
Symbol Insertion Framework*
An extensible symbol insertion system that converts keywords into symbols when they are selected & a hotkey is pressed.
Zaio Bootcamp Stage 1
My stage 1 project for a free student run bootcamp I partially attended during first year.
ICO Tools*
A tool to convert an image or group of images to an ico file, to replace icoconvert.com which is no longer online.
MP3 Meta*
A VS Code extension for adding and editing the meta data of MP3 files.
Drawing Garden
A copy of drawing.garden that I made many years ago.